v.1.5.2 Gig Mkpl update

Gig Marketplace v1.5.2 Release Summary

Gig Marketplace v1.5.2 Release Summary

We are excited to announce the release of Gig Marketplace v1.5.2. This release introduces updates and enhancements to improve the user experience and functionality of the platform. Below are the key highlights of this release:

Key Updates

1. Gig MKPL Notification System (#47)

Cerulean MKPL Notification System Overview: The Cerulean MKPL Notification System is a vital component of the Cerulean Marketplace, designed to facilitate seamless communication and enhance user experience. Leveraging advanced technologies, this system ensures that users stay informed in real-time about their buying and selling activities. The platform employs personalized and context-aware notifications to create an immersive environment, fostering efficient and transparent transactions within the Cerulean ecosystem.

2. Zeroauthority Endorsements Page (#158)

We have added a new global navigation link called “Endorsement” to our platform. This update will redirect users to zeroauthority.xyz/endorsements, providing a streamlined way to access and manage endorsements.

3. New Blog Subdomain Setup (#160)

We have created a new subdomain, blog.zeroauthority.xyz, to host our blog content. This setup includes the creation of a new CNAME in Vercel, pointing to target.substack-custom-domains.com. This blog will serve as a direct channel to communicate with our supporters and subscribers.

Thank you for being a part of our community!

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