v.1.2.0 Gig Mkpl update

Gig Marketplace v1.2.0 Release Summary

New Features:

  • Gig Status Tracking Update (dev-72):

    • Enjoy enhanced information visibility throughout the request process, from making a request to finalizing work. Gain insights into the exact status of your request.

    • Experience an improved user interface that provides a better understanding of both clients and creators involved in the process.

  • Update User Interface for Decision-Making (dev-73):

    • UI enhancements have been implemented, utilizing the entire space to clearly communicate status updates and prompt intuitive calls to action. Making informed decisions is now more seamless.

Internal Performance Update:

  • Configuration System Files (dev-50):

    • Introduce automation to boost the overall performance of the site.

    • Automation streamlines testing and deployment processes, making it convenient for updates to be rolled out to both testnet and mainnet.

    • Actively seek feedback, incorporate necessary code updates, and deploy changes to testnet and mainnet for the benefit of our community members.

Bug Fix:

  • Profile Required Fields Bug (dev-75):

    • Resolve the profile bug related to required fields. There is no longer a mandate for Bitcoin addresses, email, and Discord ID. Enjoy a more flexible and user-friendly profile setup.

Thank you for your continued support, and we're excited to deliver these enhancements to elevate your Gig Marketplace experience. Stay engaged for more updates.

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