Testnet 1.3 update

Zeroauthority.xyz Cerulean Development | Testnet 1.3 - client & creator complete gig

Cerulean Development status on 05-13-2023

Development description:

Creators have the ability to accept or decline an offer for a specific gig, and pseudonymous people can start working on gigs in a trustless and permission-less way

Clients can confirm completion of a gig with three options in the Cerulean marketplace on testnet

(a) agree 100%

(b) agree 75%, 25% back to the client (plus dispute resolution fee)

(c) agree 50%, 50% back to the client (plus dispute resolution fee)

Next iteration is to solve when gigs go into dispute and the Core DAO team has to review for completion of gig and decide final outcomes based on 75/25, 50/50, or 0%

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