v.1.4.0 Gig Mkpl update

Gig Marketplace v1.4.0 Release Summary

[DEV 28] Submit offer (milestone) Closed

  • Addressing user feedback, the platform now supports milestone submissions without the need for start and end dates. Users can create and manage one or multiple milestones seamlessly, enhancing flexibility in project management.

[DEV 108] Back button on gig page Closed

  • Responding to user convenience, a "back" button has been implemented on gig pages, streamlining navigation and improving overall user experience.

[DEV 109] Milestone contract gig-id fix

  • A critical update to the Milestone SC Contract has been deployed, resolving issues related to the gig ID display. Special thanks to susheel.btc and James_11| hodlstx.btc for their collaborative efforts in addressing and rectifying this matter.

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