Social Endorsements

Overview of the social endorsement, a peer-to-peer platform connecting web3 creators in a decentralized environment.

For Organizations:

  • Post Opportunities: Organizations can leverage Trajan to post job opportunities or projects within the pseudonymous Bitcoin space, facilitating the connection with top talent.

  • Find Top Pseudonymous Talent: The platform offers a search and discovery mechanism for organizations to identify and engage with skilled individuals within the pseudonymous Bitcoin community.

For Individuals:

  • Find Opportunities: Pseudonymous Bitcoin builders can explore posted opportunities on Trajan, opening doors to potential collaborations and projects.

  • Build a Professional Pseudonymous Reputation: Individuals can establish and enhance their professional reputation within the pseudonymous Bitcoin ecosystem by earning endorsements on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Are TRAJAN NFTs transferable? Can I buy or sell NFTs on Trajan?

    • No, TRAJAN NFTs are not transferable, and buying or selling NFTs on Trajan is not supported.

  2. Do you support Ordinal inscriptions?

    • Not yet, but it is mentioned that support for Ordinal inscriptions is on the roadmap.

  3. Do I need to own a .btc or other Stacks BNS name to create a profile?

    • Yes, currently, ownership of a .btc or other Stacks BNS name is required to create a profile. However, there is consideration for allowing registration with just a Stacks address in the future.

  4. Which wallets can I use with Trajan?

    • Trajan supports two Stacks/Bitcoin Ordinals wallets, namely Xverse and Hiro. Users are advised to use only one wallet per browser to avoid potential errors.

  5. Do I need to own Stacks token STX to use Trajan?

    • Yes, owning Stacks token (STX) is currently a requirement to use Trajan.

  6. What are the fees to give an endorsement?

    • The only fee associated with giving an endorsement is the blockchain transaction fee, typically just a few cents. Trajan does not impose any additional service fees.

Trajan Endorsement focuses on fostering connections and collaborations within the pseudonymous Bitcoin community, providing a dedicated space for individuals and organizations to engage and grow professionally.

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