Milestone-Based Gig Procedure


  1. Initiating a Milestone Contract:

    • Begin by creating a milestone contract on the platform.

    • The start date is initiated at the time of the transaction block confirmation on the blockchain.

  2. Setting Milestone Details:

    • Specify an end date for the milestone contract.

    • Note that up to 5 milestones can be created for a single contract.

  3. Payment for Milestone Delivery:

    • When ready to pay for the delivery of a milestone, select the "complete" option.

    • The clarity contract will automatically release funds specifically for the completed milestone.

  4. Automatic Redemption for Inactivity:

    • If the client takes no action or forgets to mark milestones as complete, 5 days after the end date, the client can choose to redeem funds.

    • This action triggers the clarity contract to release funds.

  5. Creator's Redemption Opportunity:

    • If the end date is triggered and the client hasn't redeemed funds within 5 days, the creator has the option to trigger fund redemption.

  6. Remaining Funds for Creator:

    • Upon redemption, the creator receives any remaining funds for the completed work.

  7. Reputation Badges:

    • Clients earn a reputation badge for initiating a service request.

    • Creators earn a reputation badge for delivering the requested service.

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