Fixed Gig Procedure



Problem Addressed

The ZeroAuthority Gig Marketplace tackles the challenge of establishing transparent and secure fixed contracts for Web3 projects. By addressing trust issues and enabling smart contract-based interactions, it creates a peer-to-peer trustless network for hiring individuals in the Web3 space.

Key Features

  • Completion Confirmation Options: Clients can confirm gig completion with multiple options, ensuring flexibility and fairness in the resolution process.

  • Talent Discovery: BNS ID and Reputation integration with trajanapp (coming later) facilitate the discovery of talent for projects.

  • Modular Events: The platform supports a modular event system, covering the entire workflow from gig offers to completion.

  • Governance Token Integration: The $Zero governance SIP-010 token is relaunched to provide emissions to both clients and creators.

Getting Started

Account Setup

To get started, users need to create profiles highlighting their skills, experience, and setting their pay rates. This section guides you through the account setup process.

Learn how to navigate the Cerulean Marketplace, explore available gigs, and understand the platform's layout and features.

Gig Procedures

Completion Confirmation Options

Understand the options available for clients to confirm gig completion, including percentage-based agreements and dispute resolution.

Modular Events

Explore the modular event system that defines the lifecycle of a gig, from initial offer to dispute resolution.

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