The Gig Marketplace

Overview of the Gig Marketplace, a peer-to-peer platform connecting clients with creators in a decentralized environment.

ZeroAuthority DAO created the Gig Marketplace, fullly launched on chain on November 25, 2023, with Hiro and Xverse login and full ownership of your very own web3 profile.

Advocates of the pseudonymous economy argue that it can provide greater freedom and flexibility for individuals, while also fostering innovation and experimentation.

The Pseudonymous Economy has the potential to enable a new wave of innovation and entrepreneurship by leveraging decentralized networks to build reputation and trust based on individuals' actions and contributions. This can create new opportunities for businesses and communities to emerge outside of traditional institutions and hierarchies, and foster collaboration among individuals from diverse backgrounds and geographies. The use of pseudonyms can also provide individuals with greater privacy and autonomy in online interactions, which can be particularly important in a world of increasing surveillance and data breaches. Overall, the Pseudonymous Economy presents a promising vision for a more open, decentralized, and inclusive economy that can benefit individuals and communities worldwide.

Back in 2019, Balajis spark our imagination for the Pseudonymous economy, so we created the Zero Authority "Gig" Cerulean Marketplace. What if you could earn under one name, speak under another, and use your real name only on official forms?

The Gig Marketplace is design for creators to offer a service and for clients to pay for Web3 projects in a trustless and permissionless way. The Marketplace is a peer-to-peer trustless network to hire people for web3 project work.

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